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Shadow 2- MIld cut
Shadow 2- MIld cut

Dan Wesson DWX Compact No RailTight and Tuck Concealment Holster

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Over the years, we kept receiving calls for an outside the waistband concealable holster, and requests for a holster that we would consider acceptable for every day carry.  This came from both IDPA shooters, as well as normal people that just wanted to carry a gun under a jacket during the fall.  We evaluated how our blocking lays out on most guns, and found we were able to remove some extra blocking, in most cases this moved the gun more than ¼” closer to the body.  With the mindset of an EDC holster, we increase the trigger retention (click) a great deal in order to help keep that gun tight.  If you order a light, the retention will be on the light. 

With the Tight and Tuck line we give you the option for a front scoop.  You can choose no front cut, which will build the holster with a similar profile to a 3 gun.  This will not fit any slide mounted dots.  You can choose a mid cut, that is between a 3 gun and competition.  This will fit the majority of dots that are compact sized such as Holosun 507k, or Sig Romeo 0.  You can then choose the low cut competition style.  This will fit most of the slide dots on the market, it may rub on some of the very large dots.  We know that the Trijicon RMR will fit this cut, the SRO is tight on some guns.  

It is available only in the tried and true double layer configuration.  This features two layers of .08 thick Kydex to add a great deal of structure to your holster. In addition to the stability, it gives you the ability to further add to the custom look of your rig.  We feature everything from solid colors, carbon fiber look, and many custom camouflage patterns including Kyrptek, Supercam, Hexcam and more.  

All 3 Tight and Tuck holsters come with adjustable retention. You can have the standard Phillips head screws, or upgrade to Stainless, Brass or Black knobs that allow you to adjust your retention without using tools.  

With this holster we also give you the ability to select your mounting system.  You can select from a variety of hole patterns without an actual attachment.  You can have Safariland QLS and ELS, Bladetech 3 hole pattern, G-Ccode 35, and the Black Scorpion Drop.  In addition to the plain holster you can select from a variety of included attachments including the War-Lok, Adjustable Latching Loop, Springer Precision drop hanger, or the G-Code 35 plate.  

With all of these options, we try to allow you to build exactly the perfect holster for your needs whether dynamic and fast paced competition shooting, fun range shooting, or even our concealed carry options. 

The lead time on this holster is currently about one month from the date of purchase.  You do have the option of upgrading to a 10 business day manufacture speed if you need this holster for your DWX pistol sooner.  

If you have questions please email [email protected], call us at 301-707-7972, message us on social media @redhilltactical on most platforms including Facebook and Instagram.  Or for more input join our group on Facebook to interact with more shooters.  

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